Want to get a taste of a career?

That's no problem at Häring. Here you can get a glimpse of the future. Here you will find out things that no school lecture on Kafka or Schiller can teach you. And here you will get the most out of the career orientation week of your school. 

Simply apply to an internship at Häring and find out which jobs might be fun for you. We will allow you to take a big step forward because you won't find the answer to what your professional future will look like in your lunch box. 


You are in the thick of things

One of our precision parts is installed in nearly every car in the world. At Häring you will get an unimpeded look behind the scenes of a global technology leader.

You see everything

During your internship, you will experience Häring's different departments. If you already have a concrete idea of what you want to do professionally, then we can particularly emphasize that area.

You play an active role

At Häring, interns help design work processes and accompany the employees and apprentices that already hold their dream jobs.

You will get first-hand information

At Häring, you will get insider information on your career choice, on Häring as an employer and on everything you need to know for your career.

Now it's your turn

Does that sound exciting? Then use our online application form at the bottom of this page or send us an email to info(at)us.anton-haering.com​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Whether it is ahead of or during your studies, you can gain valuable professional experience at Häring when you are not in class. As you pursue an academic degree, that makes us a valuable partner for you. What is particularly interesting is that In addition of getting work experience, we will also provide you with further support.


Practice project/practical semester




Turn your vacation into cash: As a high school student, what do you have lots of? Vacation. What you don't have a lot of is money. When you take a summer job with us, you can get some additional funds while also gaining insight into a globally operating family business. While you work here, you become a real part of a department, and you can really get involved, e.g. in the Production or Quality Control departments.

All you have to do is apply​​​​​​​. 

Your point of contact for written application materials or questions:

Haering Precision USA LP
50 Anton Haering Street
30553 Lavonia
Georgia, USA

Phone +1 706 356 4031

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