One more step until you get your Bachelor, Master or other degree …

The final step is often the decisive one: At Häring, you can end your studies on a high note with a Bachelor or Master thesis. That means now you have reached the point in which the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in years of study is combined with practical experience and you can prove yourself. How can you best achieve this? With advanced technologies, studies, research work and authentic expert knowledge. 

At Häring, each year all the students who are doing the dual course of study earn their degree – not least because of the perfect conditions. We make an advisor available to you, support you when focusing on a topic and provide you with all relevant information, i.e. the practical knowledge, to help you finish your thesis. It's a win-win situation. Because we are obviously excited about your know-how, your new input and the results of your labor. Never forget: A new beginning follows each ending – maybe we will be able to welcome you as a permanent Häring team member after you graduate.

Key information on writing a thesis at Häring

  • The topics are chosen with regard to their practicality: Are they dealing with a current problem? Does Häring have information that will help with the preparation? Can a solution realistically be found?
  • Still undecided on a topic? In our academy, experts collect topics and projects from which our students can freely choose.
  • The integration into the appropriate department regarding the topic of your thesis.
    A personal advisor will take care of open questions or concerns.
  • The focal point of your time with us will be the preparation of the thesis: Häring serves as a source of information that allows you to gain the required practical knowledge.


Application process

Please send us your application materials in a timely manner prior to the start of your thesis period. Initially, you will receive a confirmation. An internal review follows and possibly an invitation for an in-person meeting.

Your point of contact for written application materials or questions:

Haering Precision USA LP
50 Anton Haering Street
30553 Lavonia
Georgia, USA

Phone +1 706 356 4031

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