As part of our international trainee program, team members from our locations in Poland, China, USA and Tunisia spend approx. three years at the headquarters in Germany. Then they return to their home and will immediately assume a specialist or a management role. This means that our  team members across the globe have the same values, e.g. the German culture and the Häring philosophy of "Think it. Believe it. Achieve it." In Germany, they learn the German management language in daily interactions and make our southern German work ethic their own. With this "training" we guarantee the same quality and management leadership at all our locations – a benefit for our customers and, in particular, our employees. Because with Häring as your employer, you will stand out in many places with regard to quality and innovation.



The application is handled by the respective training location and the relevant point of contact.


Häring will organize your stay (e.g. taking care of the residency permit, the registration with the authorities and a place to stay).

Your stay: Months 1–3

You work in the Häring academy, administration or IT and get to know your new work environment as well as the work processes. At the same time, you start your German course.

Your stay: Months 4-12

You cycle through all departments for your training, and get to know the processes and work steps that are part of everyday business. At the same time, you have your German course.

Your stay: Months 13-36

Acquiring specific knowledge in the chosen department.

Return home

After three years in Germany, you will return to your home base as a perfect specialist.

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Your point of contact for written application materials or questions:

Haering Precision USA LP
50 Anton Haering Street
30553 Lavonia
Georgia, USA

Phone +1 706 356 4031

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Date of birth

Max. file sizes

File sizes: total max. 10 MB per application
Acceptable formats are .pdf and .jpeg

In accordance with our privacy statement, all information will only be used for processing and responding to your request.

Travel tip Heuberg

Bubsheim in Baden-Württemberg – definitely worth a trip!

The region surrounding our German headquarters is an area of stunning beauty in which you do not just experience the precision of our high-tech production, but also enjoy unique landscapes and culinary delights.

We invite you to visit us in Bubsheim and combine the trip with a small tour of the "Region of the 10 Thousanders" (10 mountains with an elevation of at least 1,000 meters) – we promise that it will be worth it.

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